System Operator Success Factors 2013

PSP Metrics specializes in the assessment of candidates for system operator positions in electric utilities and ISOs/RTOs. During the past 50 years, we have conducted 6 largescale validation studies comparing the actual job performance of hundreds of system operators to PSP Metrics test results. Consistently, PSP has found that applicants need to have a particular

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The Changing Nature of System Operations

Since the 1950’s, PSP has been involved in an ongoing research program which tracks success factors in Systems Operations work.  We have conducted numerous validation studies over the years in order to compare actual work performance of existing System Operators with test results from PSP’s assessment program.  We have consistently found that a particular constellation

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Management Competencies for the Global Marketplace

Today’s executives are finding that a successful business strategy requires them to think and act both globally and locally as never before. As the cost of raw materials, technical capability, and production vary greatly from one part of the globe to another, profitability often depends upon finding the right global resources.  At the same time,

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Improving Selection Decisions Around the World

PSP has substantial experience with international assignments. Our customers have called on us to assess U.S. candidates for expatriate assignments, as well as foreign nationals who are being considered for work in the U.S. or abroad. For example, we recently assessed a Brazilian manager being considered for a sales assignment in Australia. Our tests are

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Plant Start-Ups and Expansions: Hiring the Right People

The only long-term competitive advantage in industry today is hiring “the right people.” Whether a company is interested in lean manufacturing, the team concept, improving labor relations, or simply hiring highly skilled and productive workers, plant start-ups and expansions pose unique opportunities for improvement in hiring practices. When a workforce is selected properly, the company

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Plant Start-Ups and Expansions: Creating a New Culture

Work culture is the way employees collectively think and act in a given company or plant. In a start-up situation, a culture is created from scratch. Savvy companies recognize the unique opportunity this presents to shape the attitudes and behaviors of the new work force. By hiring employees who seek opportunities to cooperate, take initiative,

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Leading A Winning Sales Team

Hiring talented sales representatives is not enough. While a few will be natural “quotabusters,” most will need to be nurtured and developed in order to reach business goals. To lead a winning sales team, you need to know three things: know your people, know how to coach, and know yourself. Know Your People Understand what

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Are Two Thirds of Your Employees Above Average

By using multiple raters and paired comparisons, large groups of employees can be rated quickly and objectively.

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Hiring Star Performers in Sales

Star sales representatives will sell 50 percent more of your company percent more of your company product. Accurate employee selection is essential for hiring star performers in sales.  Motivational speeches and sales training will not make up for an individual’s poor critical thinking skills, low energy and drive, or other deficiencies in important sales competencies.

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Successful Executives Are Different

Successful executives behave differently than most people. Yes, they tend to relish being in charge and enjoy the financial reward that comes with  success. But if you ask if their primary goal is to have power and money, most would state their main focus is to be really good at what is important or meaningful

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