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PSP Metrics is a leading provider of employee measurement tools serving a wide variety of industries throughout the United States and in numerous countries worldwide.  We also design tools for talent development, succession planning, and employee retention.  The hallmark of PSP’s work is our ability to adapt each of our products to the specific needs of individual customers.  A research-based organization, PSP Metrics has developed nationwide benchmarks for a wide variety of occupations, as well as company-specific benchmarks for key positions.  Our employment screening, talent development, and retention tools are adaptable for office staff through senior executive positions.


PSP Metrics was founded in 1946 when the post-war economy was booming and the question was how to predict who would fit best in a given job.  PSP researched the question and pioneered selection techniques to predict employment success.  In the 1950s and 60s, PSP devoted significant resources to the study of employee motivation, including the two-factor theory of motivation developed by PSP’s own Dr. Frederick Herzberg.  This ground-breaking research was published in the book, The Motivation to Work, which has become a classic in its field.

The Harvard Business Review (HBR) printed for the third-time Dr. Frederick Herzberg’s 1968 classic, “One More Time: How Do You Motivate Employees?” Even today this is the HBR’s most frequently requested article reprint. The Harvard Business review website.

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In the 1970’s, PSP studied successful middle managers and demonstrated that, regardless of gender, they had the same motivational patterns, intellectual skills, and interpersonal characteristics.  Later, our studies of dual-career couples in the 1980s validated and underscored the importance of flexible human resource planning for managing an increasingly diverse workforce.

In more recent years, PSP has conducted validation research and follow-up studies for employment selection in a wide variety of industries, including electric power, homebuilding, manufacturing, consumer products, and technology.  This research allows PSP to predict with significant accuracy whether a person will perform above, below or at an average level in jobs ranging from production worker to CEO.

Today, PSP Metrics has customers in 47 states from Maine to Hawaii.  Our products have been used in Canada and Mexico, as well as in 23 countries throughout South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Pacific Rim.  Many of PSP’s Fortune 500 clients have been satisfied customers for decades.  Our clients range from companies in the top ten of the world’s largest corporations to entrepreneurial organizations just getting started.

PSP’s customer relationships are longstanding and allow us to observe success and failure across time.  By forging partnerships with customers, PSP has broadened its services and conducted job research in real-life work environments.  Our reputation is built on leadership in merging professional industrial psychology with state-of-the-art technology.  By combining science, customization, relentless service, and speed we exceed the expectations that are essential for our customers’ success.

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