What Predicts Safer Behavior?

Our findings. Our findings showed that higher scores in mechanical aptitude and logical reasoning were important predictors of safe behavior. We also found that safer employees exhibited stronger planning skills, with a tendency to take more time to think situations through before they took action. Positive attitudes and a willingness to follow procedures were also shown

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One More Time: Answers For Motivating Today's Employees: Frederick Herzberg’s Research On Work Motivation And The PSP Legacy

Returning to the foundations of current theory can provide strategies to address today’s challenges. In the January 2003 issue, recognizing the continuing critical challenge of employee motivation, the Harvard Business Review printed for the third-time Dr. Frederick Herzberg’s 1968 classic, “One More Time: How Do You Motivate Employees?” Even today this is the HBR’s most

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Interviewing: Fact or Fiction

The job interview has great value, but interviews alone take very little risk out of the hiring decision.  A recent study found that 57% of candidates who recently had been interviewed believed telling lies during the job interview is acceptable. Job candidates are prone to exaggerate their skills, omit negative information, and lie about their

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Key Ideas for Leading and Managing Successful Organizational Change

Leading and managing change is a necessary competency for success as a leader. Technology, workforce, and cultural changes are presently at a rate that surpasses what we have seen historically.  There is only one choice – change or risk going out of business. Today’s leaders need to be technologically savvy, able to communicate to and

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