Employee Retention Surveys – Science Plugs the Hole in the Bucket

When employee turnover statistics become too high in an organization, a company must expend excessive resources to replace people. In a sense, bringing new employees into a company with turnover problems is like pouring water into a leaky bucket. In order to plug the hole in the bucket, progressive companies are examining turnover risk factors

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Finding and Motivating Engaged Employees

Are your employees fully engaged in their work? A recent study showed that most employees are not – indeed fewer than one third are reported to be fully engaged (BlessingWhite, Inc., 2011). How do you know?  To find out, Click Here

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Communicating With Millenials

Millennials have higher expectations than other generations, but they want many of the same things as previous generations. Fred Herzberg talked about the need for increased flexibility in the workplace, and a better work–life balance in the 1960’s when a lot of younger baby boomers were entering the workforce. (HBR 1968) But Millennials have grown

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Career Development Maximizes Return On Human Capital Investment

It is probable that a majority of your current employees were not hired with your present business strategy in mind.  Unless you are a start-up company, most of your employees have been with you for much longer than five years — a lifetime in today’s business climate.  Your company has a large investment in each

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Succession Planning Without Job Titles

Do you have the right people working on the right things to achieve superior results for your organization? If you have not taken an inventory of your existing talent and aligned your succession planning with your business strategy, there is a good chance that you do not. When organizations do succession planning, they usually focus

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Successful Succession Planning

Successful succession planning program not only creates bench strength in an organization, it creates “multiple choices” for each vacancy. Successor development programs also generate company loyalty as an organization shows it is willing to invest in its people. In best practice companies, successful succession planning may fill up to eighty percent of the vacancies in

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System Operator Success Factors 2013

PSP Metrics specializes in the assessment of candidates for system operator positions in electric utilities and ISOs/RTOs. During the past 50 years, we have conducted 6 largescale validation studies comparing the actual job performance of hundreds of system operators to PSP Metrics test results. Consistently, PSP has found that applicants need to have a particular

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The Changing Nature of System Operations

Since the 1950’s, PSP has been involved in an ongoing research program which tracks success factors in Systems Operations work.  We have conducted numerous validation studies over the years in order to compare actual work performance of existing System Operators with test results from PSP’s assessment program.  We have consistently found that a particular constellation

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Management Competencies for the Global Marketplace

Today’s executives are finding that a successful business strategy requires them to think and act both globally and locally as never before. As the cost of raw materials, technical capability, and production vary greatly from one part of the globe to another, profitability often depends upon finding the right global resources.  At the same time,

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Improving Selection Decisions Around the World

PSP has substantial experience with international assignments. Our customers have called on us to assess U.S. candidates for expatriate assignments, as well as foreign nationals who are being considered for work in the U.S. or abroad. For example, we recently assessed a Brazilian manager being considered for a sales assignment in Australia. Our tests are

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