Below is a short list of successful client results. Choose us to help you make a difference too!

Employment Testing

  • Improved plant work performance by 53% at a tire manufacturing company by adding PSP’s hourly production testing prior to hiring.
  • Screened all applicants at a carbon processing plant over a 27-year period to ensure the plant could operate without supervision for the hourly and salaried personnel.
  • Tested 6,000 candidates for a large-scale electronics manufacturing facility, with no successful EEO charges as the PSP testing system was judged fair for all candidates.

Talent Development

  • Provided executive 360’s for a Fortune 500 electrical products distribution company
  • Designed Individualized Development Plans (IDPs) for a worldwide rail transportation company
  • Created a digital coaching website to facilitate habit change in corporate wellness programs

Succession Planning

  • Conducted executive development / succession planning for a large national industrial distribution company to ready executives for promotions when the business expanded
  • Created a fifth-generation successor development program for an Ohio-based family business to prepare the successor for a smooth transition to an executive role
  • Provided a talent inventory of potential field supervisors to replace retirees at a regional natural gas utility

Organizational Development

  • Conducted a user-friendly, web-based, company-wide employee engagement survey of 600 internationally placed employees, achieving an 85 percent participation rate worldwide
  • Developed an interviewer training guide for a top regional homebuilding company that resulted in greater consistency in hiring decisions and reduced employee turnover
  • Gained an extra $10 million for a venture capital firm through PSP’s identification of a strong COO to grow the small manufacturing company prior to its sale