Hiring Star Performers in Sales

Wednesday, March 22, 2017 By: PSP Metrics Posted In: Uncategorized

Star sales representatives will sell 50 percent more of your company percent more of your company product.

Accurate employee selection is essential for hiring star performers in sales.  Motivational speeches and sales training will not make up for an individual’s poor critical thinking skills, low energy and drive, or other deficiencies in important sales competencies.

  • How do you identify the best candidate?
  • How do you predict who can produce sales results?
  • How can you predict who will develop into a sales leader?

Selection by benchmarking with PSP’s database for successful sales personnel can greatly increase your success rate in identifying star sales performers.

By measuring key sales attributes in candidates and comparing their scores with PSP’s proprietary database on successful sales representatives, PSP can guide you in making good selections.

PSP has identified key attributes characteristic of star sales performers.  These attributes include:

  • ENERGY AND DRIVE for sustained work motivation and productivity
  • CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS for effective problem solving and planning
  • VERBAL SKILLS for effective understanding and communication
  • PERSONAL RELATIONS for developing successful relationships
  • WORK COMPOSURE for handling stress and pressure

Most of these characteristics are difficult to identify in the interview alone.  Good measurement tools are required, and standardized testing is the most reliable and valid measurement tool available. This is especially the case when the testing is backed by research methodology and a database on successful sales personnel.  By benchmarking an individual candidate’s score against successful sales norms, PSP can determine whether a given candidate measures up to the attributes of star sales performers.

The patterns of successful sales performers repeat themselves time and time again in research studies.  PSP has gone further by creating specific databases and research studies for individual companies, allowing for greater targeting and identification of their successful sales personnel.

PSP’s proprietary databases also help us identify which individuals have the leadership skills for being successful as a sales manager. Using PSP’s extensive sales research, we have been able to benchmark specific profiles of successful personnel for outside sales, inside sales, and sales management.  These profiles are available for a wide variety of industries and product lines to serve our clients’ needs.

Star sales performers find business opportunities even in down markets and make the difference when your company needs to grow and prosper during difficult times.  However, star candidates do not grow on trees, and it takes patience to review a large number of candidates to find these talented individuals.  The hiring of star performers is not a matter of luck.  It requires great effort and scientific measurement of the “right stuff.”  PSP’s proprietary benchmarking can identify these star performers for your company.