Plant Start-Ups and Expansions: Hiring the Right People

Wednesday, March 22, 2017 By: PSP Metrics Posted In: Uncategorized

The only long-term competitive advantage in industry today is hiring “the right people.” Whether a company is interested in lean manufacturing, the team concept, improving labor relations, or simply hiring highly skilled and productive workers, plant start-ups and expansions pose unique opportunities for improvement in hiring practices. When a workforce is selected properly, the company benefits through reduced training time, reduced turnover, and more time on the job to get work out the door. In fact, some authorities believe that a company obtains 90 percent of an employee’s productivity at the time of hiring.

Rapid Start-Up

Because of PSP’s experience in plant start-ups and expansions, installation of a customized selection process for your plant is fast. Assessment of your applicants is handled efficiently, and you can have results on each candidate as  needed.  By “zeroing in” on your top applicants for jobs, PSP enables you to reduce the time between the initial application and the hiring decision. With PSP’s streamlined approach, you can start up fast — out of paperwork and into production.

PSP Experience and Research Lead the Way

For 70 years, PSP has used its selection tools in manufacturing settings across the United States and internationally. We have conducted plant start-ups and expansions at steel companies, automotive suppliers, electronics manufacturers, transportation companies, mining operations, and pharmaceutical, packaging, plastics and chemical plants. Results from these operations are impressive:

  • One company is two years ahead of business plan.
  • Another company improved work performance 53 percent.
  • A third company boosted employee retention to 98 percent.

Results such as these are achieved with PSP’s scientific selection procedures, which can be performed online or by your staff at your plant at a low unit cost. In fact, an entire year’s testing program for most companies costs substantially less than a single hiring error. In other words, if PSP procedures help you to avoid even one hiring mistake, the selection program pays for itself. Add to that the goals of good labor relations and compatible team members, and the value of PSP’s selection process is even greater.

PSP’s Quick Response Testing System

PSP’s (QRTS) is an accurate, fast-turnaround means of improving selection decisions through the use of validated work skill and work behavior tests. Conducted by your company under the supervision of PSP, QRTS permits the evaluation of large numbers of people who are being considered for employment or promotion, including production workers, maintenance, engineers and quality staff as well as plant management and first-level supervisors. PSP’s QRTS program is customized to the specific needs of your plant. Typically, a QRTS program includes measures of cognitive ability, such as problem solving, arithmetic skills, decision making, clerical skills, and mechanical comprehension. QRTS also measures work behaviors related to specific positions, including such factors as work motivation, attention to detail, teamwork, organization, and initiative. We also can include a measure of work interests in order to determine whether a candidate’s interest pattern matches the job itself.