PSP works to understand the dynamic needs of each client’s evolving business strategy and changing needs in the selection and development of its employees. We measure our success by our client’s success in achieving the workforce they need to keep up with changes in the global marketplace, technology, workforce and customer expectations. PSP continually adapts its tools, technology, strategies and company culture to meet our clients’ needs and expectations for success now and in the future.

Research Based

  • Commitment to scientific research in work habits, motivators, leadership, and skills
  • Databases available for a wide variety of occupations and industries
  • Assessment systems that improve as additional data are collected

Customer Focused

  • Customized benchmarks created for individual company needs
  • Considered “easy to work with”, emphasizing long-term customer relationships
  • International assessment tools in five languages serving over 1,000 locations
  • 24-hour turn-around time on test results worldwide

 Expertise Plus Innovation

  • Customers serviced directly by a Principal at PSP, not by a junior consultant
  • Continuous innovation in tools, products and services to meet customer needs
  • PSP Principals are licensed Ph.D psychologists with over 20 years of business experience

I have used PSP Metrics in 4 different industries over the past 25 years.  Their accuracy, reliability and customer service is second to none.

Robert Howard

Vice President of Human Resources, Armstrong Group of Companies

“Whenever a PSP invoice comes, I always think about what I would pay to avoid hiring my worst employee.  Then, I look at the PSP invoice.  It is always less.”

David Rice

Former President and CEO, Sun Metals