Selecting Supervisors and Managers

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The Science of Selecting the Right Person the First Time

When the Peter Principle was first described, managers around the world nodded their heads; promoting people beyond their capacities was (and is) a most familiar phenomenon.  In fact, 70% of first line supervisors are selected because they are the best workers, rather than the best leaders.

For over seventy years, PSP has aided businesses, industries, government bodies and health care organizations as they have faced the difficult problem of choosing supervisors and middle management.  Past performance of employees has  not proven to be a sufficient indicator of performance at a higher level.  There are better predictive tools.  With them, PSP provides you with the ability to make better selections – the first time.

What Managerial Talents Must You Measure?

Being a successful supervisor or manager requires a combination of talents, interests and personality characteristics: leadership, judgment and reasoning, interpersonal skills, ability to plan and organize, tolerance for pressure, communications, interest in motivating/coaching others, initiative, and results orientation.

Past performance can tell you only how well your candidate will continue to do in the same job.  It takes unbiased professional skills to judge whether he or she can step into higher responsibilities and greater pressures.  PSP’s professional interviews and assessment procedures will select the candidate with the greatest chance for successful performance in a much tougher assignment – as a supervisor or manager.

You Benefit – And So Do Your Employees

Correct decisions have a series of direct payoffs.  The employee who is promoted and who can handle the job usually becomes a more stable worker – so job turnover drops sharply.  The right supervisor is a more productive leader – so the productivity of the people who report to him or her is almost always improved.

What’s more, good leadership promotes higher morale.  And as morale rises, union grievances usually drop.

The result of careful PSP pre-screening is this: an employee in a job that feels right, that fits.

When that happens, on-the-job performance often leads to success. And with each success, the new manager is more satisfied and does even better in the new position.

Weeding out one unsatisfactory person in advance in advance in advance in advance in advance will pay for a screening program – many times over.

PSP – Customizing Supervisor Selection

A supervisor is not “just a supervisor.”  A district manager for a sales organization has responsibilities that are very different from those of a control room supervisor in a power plant.  And neither plays the same role as the manager of an accounting department.  Each position is unique.  It is our sensitivity to these distinctions which makes PSP a leader in supervisor and manager selection.

We begin with an evaluation of both the organization and the position. We find out which skills, talents and personality characteristics are absolutely essential, allowing us to customize our work for your company.  Then, we use PSP’s extensive database of benchmarks and norms for specific industries and occupations to anchor our tools objectively and scientifically. Through a combination of assessment tests and interviews, we look at each of the candidates for the position.  Only then do we make our recommendations to help you choose the best member for your management team.

The results?  You know, in advance, who has the best chance of succeeding and becoming an important contributor to the organization. With so much riding on the outcome, it’s good to know that PSP can give you the sound objective analysis you need to make the best decision.

About PSP

PSP is a Pittsburgh-based consulting company founded in 1946 to help build competitive companies.  We specialize in the science of evaluating employees, from front-line workers to executive leaders.  Hundreds of companies in the United States, as well as around the world, have utilized PSP’s measurement tools to hire and develop people in jobs ranging from production worker to CEO.

Ask yourself:

“Do we have an accurate method for measuring the of the capabilities needed to make a first-class manager or supervisor?”