In Today's Competitive Marketplace, Talent Development Is Not Optional

Companies must work to improve themselves every year or be left behind. Change is happening so fast in business that the skills, abilities, and work behaviors needed for success this year may not be enough next year. Companies need to anticipate next year’s needs and then inventory employees’ strengths and weaknesses so that gaps can be addressed and overcome.

PSP uses 360 surveys, psychometric testing, and probing interviews to evaluate pertinent intellectual abilities, motivators, work behaviors and personal styles of key employees. This Talent Inventory is used to create Individualized Development Plans (IDPs) with specific suggestions that are targeted to organizational needs and employee weaknesses.

Once IDPs are in place, PSP provides a digital tracking tool called the Leadership Dashboard for monitoring progress. We also offer Management Coaching services and Coaching of Coaches to facilitate rapid improvement and preparation for upcoming responsibilities as company needs emerge. Check out these links to learn more:

See A Brief Overview of How PSP Metrics Can Help Your Company

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“Managers will discover that by developing and coaching their staff, employee enthusiasm and commitment will rise along with overall company performance.”

Dr. Frederick Herzberg

The insights from PSP’s tools are invaluable in making well-informed decisions and in putting together development plans.  PSP is the ideal partner for us in developing customized competency models and performance management tools.”

Josh Orlandi

Vice President Human Resources, Anomatic Corporation

Executive Development

Executive Development is a special category within PSP’s Talent Development services. Executives who strive for excellence continue to learn and stimulate others to do the same. This synergy exponentially increases the contributions executives can make to their organizations. It helps them gain greater control over factors that affect their own performance as well as the performance of their direct reports. Ultimately, this advances and extends their careers. PSP offers programs tailored to individual executive needs to help make an observable difference in their performance. For more information on executive development, please contact PSP and view the articles in the links below.

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