What Predicts Safer Behavior?

Thursday, March 16, 2017 By: PSP Metrics Posted In: Key Ideas

Our findings.

Our findings showed that higher scores in mechanical aptitude and logical reasoning were important predictors of safe behavior. We also found that safer employees exhibited stronger planning skills, with a tendency to take more time to think situations through before they took action.

Positive attitudes and a willingness to follow procedures were also shown to be significantly associated with safer employees. Screening out candidates who tend to be impulsive or hostile is also important. When under stress, these employees tend not to think effectively and take greater risks in an effort to reduce their frustration.

The behavioral side of safety is very important and PSP’s measurements help significantly in identifying employees who have safety risks in their behavior pattern. Additionally, we find that if an employee understands how their behavior is correlated with safety risks, there is a greater chance that they will practice safer behaviors on the job.

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